Today, I will make a start

This quote from the founder of Christian monasticism really resonates with me. In spite of our best intentions, our spiritual journey is full of stops and starts.

One day a man was visiting a monastery and he asked one of the monks, “What do you people do all day?”

The monk replied, “We fall down and we get up. Then, we fall down and we get up. After that, we fall down and we get up.”

On one hand, the monk was talking about the prostrations that the brothers made during their prayers. At another level, he was describing an experience common to all believers as they struggle to live according to Christ’s teachings.

We all fall into sin. However, we don’t have to stay there. Before us is always the possibility of rising up again by God’s grace and mercy.

“Today, I will make a start.” Every day brings the promise of a new beginning. It’s up to me to choose to see it that way, and proceed accordingly.

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