At every season and every hour

Prayer for any Hour-sm

The Orthodox Church has prayers for the beginning of life, and for its end. We have prayers at the start of the day, and at its conclusion. We have special prayers when beginning any work, and prayers when our work is done. There are prayers for those who are sick, for married couples, for people starting businesses, and the list goes on and on, covering numerous situations. Then, just to be sure, we also have the above prayer for any time.

There is never a time that is inappropriate to turn to the Lord in prayer. Along with his eternal Father, and his all-holy Spirit, Christ deserves all the praise and worship we can muster. Likewise, every step of the way we need his mercy, granting us wholeness of soul and body, keeping our thoughts on track, and planting us firmly in the faith.

To God be all glory–at all times, in all places, under all circumstances–both in this world and in the age to come. Amen.

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