The focus of our fasting

So, we’re now making our way to Great Lent. We’ve got a bit of time to prepare ourselves. Perhaps it would be good to start by identifying our targets or goals for the Fast.

During Great Lent, we take stock of three aspects of our life:

  • our Actions;
  • our Attitudes, and
  • our Appetites

The third category often gets overlooked but it’s obviously the whole point of Lent.

In the Garden of Eden, fasting was the only spiritual disciple that the Lord gave us. It was a very simple fast–abstain from one particular fruit. Breaking that fast had dire consequences for all of history.

Unbridled appetites are as harmful to the soul as to the body. On the other hand, strengthening our resolve in the area of consumption is good for us and for the world around us, and it’s benefits resonate clear into the age to come.

One thought on “The focus of our fasting

  1. Thank you so much for your posts. I find that most times the simplest information in the simplest manner spoken is the most potent medicine and you really give us tools we can use in a world of psychobabble! These words should be repeated each and every year before lent.
    Thank-you and God Bless you and your work
    In Chirst our Risen Lord,


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