Saints Peter and Paul

Today is the feast day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. Both of these great apostles had times in their life when they turned their backs on Christ – Peter when he denied Jesus three times during our Lord’s Passion, and Paul when he led the persecution of Christians after Pentecost. But through repentance they were reconciled to the Lord and became his great champions.

God knew what these two men were capable of, he had an important part for them in his plan, even when they were at odds with him. God sees into the depths of our souls. He knows our gifts. He sees the contribution that we can make towards building up his kingdom. And to unlock all of that, it takes movement on our part. Trusting in God’s mercy, we need to reach out to him with a repentant heart. God never turns away from those who turn to him.

Evening Prayer

“Remember, Lord, the rains and all waters and bless them.
Remember plants, seeds and fruits of the field and make them abundant.
Remember the safety of your holy church and all cities and countries.
Remember the safety of all people and of beasts and of me, your sinful servant.”