The Lie of the Third Demon


Here is the story of the three demons:

Three demons were being trained and then examined by the chief demon on how they might be able to better populate hell: “What will you say to the humans when you go into the world?”

The first demon said: “I can tell them that there is no God.”

The chief demon said, “No, that’s not very effective. People have heard that many times before. The difficulty is too many of them know Him personally.”

He turned to the second demon, and the second demon said, “I will tell them there is no hell.”

Again the chief demon said: “No, that doesn’t work that well either; too many of them are living in hell already.”

The last apprentice demon said, “I know! We can tell them there is no need to hurry!”

The chief demon said: “Excellent, that’s it! Now go out into the world and get to work!”

Responding to the lie of the third demon, St. Paul offers us this warning:

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